Physical Education Activity Courses

Our outstanding faculty and wide range of challenging and interesting courses are just two of the reasons why Appalachian State’s Physical Education Program is one of the best in the nation. More than 120 courses are offered each semester in over 30 activity areas. Over 90% of students take a physical education course during their time at Appalachian and about 4,000 participants enroll in PE courses each year.

The Physical Education Basic Instruction Program (PE BIP) offers a wide variety of activity based courses that meet the Core and General Education curriculum wellness requirements, thus providing opportunities for students to assess personal and family health history, develop a personal wellness plan, develop the skills necessary to maintain and/or improve wellness, identify potential barriers to wellness and develop a plan to overcome those barriers, and identify social and cultural influences that impact health on both a personal and global scale.

PE BIP courses are based on current guidelines for appropriate practice in college/university physical activity instruction programs outlined by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Courses reflect the following premises: education as the central mission; emphasis on motor skill acquisition and health related physical activity; curriculum and instructional practices that reflect sensitivity to individual students and societal needs; and the promotion of values consistent with safe, lifelong participation in health enhancing physical activity.

The PE BIP is dedicated to enhancing student wellness through activity based learning experiences, and is committed to developing physically literate individuals. A physically literate individual has learned the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities, participates regularly in physical activity, is physically fit, knows the implications of and the benefits of physical activities, and values physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle.

The ASU Physical Education Program adheres to the NASPE Appropriate Instructional Practice Guidelines for Higher Education Physical Activity Programs.

Edgar Peck
Director of Physical Education Basic Instruction Program (PE  BIP)
016 Holmes Convocation Center


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